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A Novel Month Of Mystery: Secret Passages

 We can't believe it's already week three of our bookstagram challenge #ANovelMonthofMystery!

This week's prompt is: Secret Passages

There is something so exciting and intriguing about secret passages and hidden doors.
You never know what may lie at the end of the tunnel!

The first mystery we picked is:  
Missing: Page Thirteen


"Violet Strange, a clever detective, is called upon to solve the mystery of a page gone missing from an important document. The futures of several people, including an eccentric misanthrope, a chemical scientist, and a bride and groom, depend on the quick resolution of this problem. In solving one mystery, she uncovers another which dates back many years."

 - Summary by Bev J. Stevens on Librivox

"Missing: Page Thirteen" is such a thrilling mystery and an eerie secret passage definitely plays a key part!


This mystery is part of a collection of short stories entitled

"The Golden Slipper, and Other Problems for Violet Strange"
by Anna Katharine Green. Published in 1913, this collection features Violet Strange, a mysterious young women, who aids the police in solving baffling cases. Each story stands on it's own, however, as the cases progress one begins to ask oneself, just what is the secret of this Violet Strange?

You can read this book for free on Project Gutenberg HERE
And you can listen to this book for free on Librivox HERE

The second book we are sharing is:
The Red House Mystery
What do you get when you combine:
A grand country estate, a house party, the return of a long-lost brother, a murder, a disappearance, and the arrival of Antony Gillingham, a brilliant but modest gentleman sleuth? You receive a cleverly crafted, and jolly amusing mystery written by none other than A.A. Milne! 
This mystery, filled with humor and intrigue, is such a fun read. One of the best parts about this book is the witty banter between Antony and his young buddy, Bill:

“Are you prepared to be the complete Watson?" he asked.


"Do-you-follow-me-Watson; that one. Are you prepared to have quite obvious things explained to you, to ask futile questions, to give me chances of scoring off you, to make brilliant discoveries of your own two or three days after I have made them myself all that kind of thing? Because it all helps."

"My dear Tony," said Bill delightedly, "need you ask?" Antony said nothing, and Bill went on happily to himself, "I perceive from the strawberry-mark on your shirt-front that you had strawberries for dessert. Holmes, you astonish me. Tut, tut, you know my methods. Where is the tobacco? The tobacco is in the Persian slipper. Can I leave my practice for a week? I can.”

A.A. Milne, The Red House Mystery
Written for his father, the only sad part about this book is that Milne never turned it into a series! Who knew that the creator of sweet, little Winnie-the-Pooh could also craft such a gripping tale of detection?

 You can read this book for free on Project Gutenberg HERE
And you can listen to this book for free on Librivox HERE

And lastly we couldn't write a post about secret passages without including Nancy Drew:
 The Hidden Staircase
Twin Elms, an elegant colonial house, is thought to be haunted with:
the disappearance of items, music playing with no explanation, a chandelier moving by itself, and a mask being held up in the windows. 
Only Nancy Drew can tackle this daring case. Attempted murder and kidnapping are some of the obstacles that face our girl sleuth, but never fear Nancy will not be deterred!
 This book is available as a kindle, paperback and hardcover HERE

Have you ever read any of these titles?
Do you have a favorite mystery featuring secret passages? 
We always love discovering hidden treasures! 📚



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