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A Novel Month of Mystery: A Mystery Abroad

The second week of our bookstagram challenge #ANovelMonthofMystery has begun!

This week's prompt is: A Mystery Abroad

Nothing like a little adventurous traveling to bring out crime!
Today we're sharing a few of our favorite mysteries that fall in this category.

The First Mystery we picked is:

 A Caribbean Mystery

This Agatha Christie features our favorite elderly spinster, Miss Marple. This time, instead of her usual English setting in the quaint town of St. Mary Mead, Miss Marple is vacationing at a resort in the Caribbeans. The trip, intended to refresh her health, soon becomes quite restorative to our lady detective when Major Palgrave mysteriously dies leaving suspicion on all the guests at the resort.

This book is available as a kindle and paperback HERE

The second book we are sharing is:

They Came To Baghdad

This book is one of Agatha Christie's thriller/adventure mysteries. It has no main detective and follows Victoria Jones, a spunky heroine who has a dreadful habit of fabricating stories. She falls head over heels in love for a charming young man and decides to follow him to Baghdad, only to get herself embroiled in murder, kidnapping and possibly government espionage.

This book is a fun and entertaining read!

It is available as a kindle and paperback HERE

The last book we have to share is perfect for young, budding detectives!

The Happy Hollisters

The Happy Hollisters series is an old, family favorite. These books always bring back nostalgic memories of our mother reading them aloud to us. The books follow the five Hollister siblings and their parents as they solve mysteries together as a family. They often travel far and wide throughout the series, finding adventure and stumbling into mysteries wherever they go .

 The Happy Hollister Books are available as paperbacks HERE

Have you ever read any of these titles?
Do you have a favorite story featuring a mystery abroad? 
We always love discovering books that will take us on new adventures! 📚


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