D.E. Stevenson, The Four Graces

- About Us -

Here at Some Little Good our desire is to bring beauty to the everyday moments in life. We believe that the small things are often the most important, that the practical can be lovely, and that a heart full of thankfulness reveals beauty.

SLG is a collaboration currently run by two watercolor artists & sisters,
and their woodworking brother:


“I've loved art for as long as I can remember,
and watching a story unfold  through the  strokes of a paintbrush
is one of my favorite things. When I’m not painting or sketching,
I'm usually dreaming up something to
knit, crochet, bead or bake!"


“I’m a storyteller at heart, and nothing gives me more pleasure
than weaving tales with my paintbrush and pen.
A few things that bring me joy are:
reading old books, writing stories,
and snuggling my cat!”


“I've been into pyrography (wood-burning)
and woodworking for many years now.
My collection of sticks as a kid has only grown
into larger and larger pieces of wood!
When I'm not working on projects for the shop,
you can probably find me working outdoors,
tinkering with my car, or strumming on the guitar."

We originally started the shop and blog with our mom, Jodi. Over the years she has become more of our adviser behind the scenes, but you may still see an article or project by her every now and then.

Our other siblings occasionally contribute to the shop and to our Instagram page, whether that be through photography, clay-work, baking or gardening.

We thrive on being together as a family. The foundation of our life is our love and devotion to Jesus. He is our Lord and Savior and has blessed us beyond measure.

Brittany (left) & Bridget (right)

-About our Work-

 Our love for stories and poetry has always been a big part of our creative process, whether that be through illustrating classic literature, or crafting our own tales.

We also pull much inspiration for our artwork and designs from nature, hymns, and Scripture.

Our artwork comes to life through the items we create for our shop. From art prints to stationery, bookmarks to notebooks, home décor to jewelry . . . our minds are always teeming with new ideas!

-About the Blog- 

When we're not busy with the store . . . we love reading, sewing, old movies, gardening, crafting and frappes (a daily dose, please!)

We started this blog as a place to share art tutorials, book reviews, craft projects,  recipes, and day-to-day updates of what we’re up to. We hope this space blesses others just as we have been so richly blessed.

Thank you for taking some of your precious time and sharing it with us! We love connecting with people all over this world of ours, so feel free to leave us a comment or email saying “Hello”. We’d love to get to know you! 😊