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Hello Again


Hello again! 

Whether you've followed our blog since the beginning or you're just discovering this space, we're delighted to have you here! For any friends visiting for the first time, we thought we'd give a fresh introduction.

We started this blog in 2014 as a place to share shop news, art tutorials, book reviews, craft projects, recipes, and day-to-day updates of what we’re up to.

After we opened our Instagram page in 2017, the blog went on hiatus. However, as much as we enjoy social media, we have found that there’s only so much space for words beneath those colorful squares! 

So, we’ve freshened up our little corner of the web, and made it a bit more mobile-friendly. We will still be posting on Instagram, but we have more ideas than Instagram can currently hold, and we thought that reviving the blog was the perfect way to begin sharing some of them!

Our hope is that this space will bless others just as we have been so richly blessed.  Thank you for taking some of your precious time and sharing it with us! We love connecting with people all over this world of ours, so feel free to leave us a comment saying  “Hello”.

We’d love to get to know you!


  1. So exciting to see that you have a blog and are reviving it!! It's absolutely lovely. IG is great, but it's not quite the same. I look forward to following you on here as well :D

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by, Anne! It's a pleasure to see you over here. You always bring a bit of sunshine with you! :)


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