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Why Do I Carry a Doily in My Purse?

No I'm not traveling the world trying to grandma-ify places I visit!

Two things my parents always asked us on our way out the door . . .
1. Did you bring something to do?
2. Do you have a sweater? (I grew up in Florida; it would take a whole post to explain this one!)

Habits formed in our childhood die hard!

At 50, I still hate getting stuck somewhere with nothing to do. I like to keep a little handiwork in my purse to fill those gaps.  It makes me feel productive which is especially nice when other things feel like they are out of my control.  

So I've been carrying around this doily for a while. It's slow going because I do it in dibs and dabs of time.  But all those little bits add up to one finished doily and one 3/4 done. 

I wasn't sure of the color combination at first, but I have fallen in love with the chocolate and mint; it makes me think of Andes Candies.  I'm using bamboo crochet thread, and it is lusciously soft!

So . . .

1. Did you bring something to do?
2.  Do you have a sweater? :)

~ Jodi


  1. Ha ha, no one gets the foibles of your childhood like your sister! Love the doilies! (They're much lighter than a book! ;)

    1. I *knew* you'd understand! :D
      And just for the record . . . I usually have my MP3 with me, too, with a few Librivox books on it. One can never be too prepared.

  2. I remember those words...oh maybe the "something to do" was my words...the "bring a sweater" belonged to someone else

    1. lol ~ and we all know who *that* is! I hope he has his hat on!! ;)


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