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Goodnight, Sleep Tight Embroidery Project

Last Christmas I was running behind . . . it happens . . . almost every year occasionally. My intentions had been to complete a handmade gift for each of my daughters.  Since that was going to be a sure fire recipe for a super stressed-out holiday, instead I bought each of my girls an embroidery project with a note attached that *I* was going to do the work later on.

For my cat loving girl . . . you know the one . . . I bought a set of pillowcases stamped with a winking cat snuggling under a quilt.

For anybody out there that feels compelled to follow packaged directions explicitly, (I know you're out there because I used to be one of you), break the bonds and be free. Change the colors to suit yourself. Change the pattern if you want.  The blue stamped ink will wash out, and the new embroidery design will be left behind.

That's what I did on this project.  I changed several of the colors and tweaked a couple of design instructions.  Once I wash it, no one will ever know that I broke the rules.

Sweet and colorful. It matches Bridget's sunny disposition!

~ Jodi


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