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Painting A Home for Small Bear: Living Room

Small Bear's house has been under renovation these last few weeks.
There is now a floor plan for his home, and there will be detailed sketches of each room.

The living room is almost finished. 
I still have a few small changes I want to make,
 but the furniture arrangement will stay the same for the most part. 

I filled in this sketch with  colored pencils just to start playing with the color choices

However, the color palette is still a work in progress.
 I wanted Small Bear's house to have a cozy, informal feel to it. The brown fireplace in the first drawing seemed too dark and formal.  So I drew three other options and have been playing around with coloring and flooring.  The watercolor stripes on the lower corner are all colors that I know I'm using in his living room.  I think, the fireplace on the left is the one I prefer.

~ Brittany


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