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Embroidered Jumbo Pincushion

This pincushion started with the rose fabric.  Once I chose that fabric, I cut out a 9-inch circle and then matched my embroidery floss to the fabric. I used the following:

DMC #961, rosy pink
DMC #221, wine red
DMC #3052, light green
DMC #3051, dark green

I cut a 9-inch circle out of coordinating felt and also two 9-inch circles of interfacing.

With one circle of interfacing on the back of the cream felt, I embroidered eight rambling roses evenly spaced around the circle. I used the rosy pink floss, #961.

The interfacing is optional, but I do find that it helps keep the back threads hidden from showing on the front.  It also helps stabilize the knots, so they don't pull through.

Here's what it looks like with the roses all completed and evenly spaced.

To add the greenery, I started with the light green, #3052.  I made a small straight stitch, angled upward, about half way down on the left side of each rose  I then made three lazy daisy stitches, one on each side of the stem and one at the tip of the stem.

Using the dark green, #3051, I repeated the exact same steps on the right side of each rose.  Then I added two lazy daisy stitches (with no stem), peeping out from under the rose, each at a slight angle.

To round out the design, I added French knots scattered about (not always the exact same number, but about seven or eight).  I used the dark wine color, #221.

Here you can see the progression of each step. 

Embroidery all done . . . 

. . . ready to sew together! 

~ Jodi


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