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Hot Caramel Macchiato Recipe (Dairy Free)

 Any time is a good time for a coffee break!

Most days we usually whip up a batch of frozen mocha frappes, however the cooler temps of these late-winter and early-spring days have had us experimenting with our go-to coffee recipes and we've been loving these toasty, warm Caramel Macchiatos.

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Dairy-Free Caramel Macchiato Recipe

Makes one serving

1 tsp collagen powder
1 tsp coconut milk powder
1 tsp coconut sugar
2 tsp cocoa powder
dash of salt

1 tsp of caramel syrup
1 cup of almond milk - unsweetened with vanilla
1 cup of coffee - (caramel flavored coffee makes a more caramel-y tasting drink without adding any extra sugar.)

Add all ingredients to a small saucepan and whisk until combined.
Bring to a simmer on medium heat.

Once the liquid begins to bubble, turn off the heat and froth the mixture with an immersion blender. (Macchiato could be frothed in a traditional blender instead.)

 Ladle into your favorite mug and top with your preferred toppings!

We love to add a dollop of whipped coconut cream and a dash of cinnamon.


Caffeine-Free Variation:

Since some of us are sensitive to caffeine, we usually substitute the coffee with dandelion root tea.

Brew a bag for 15 minutes and use just as you would the coffee. Since dandelion root tea is not as strong as coffee, we prefer to omit the caramel syrup because it can overly sweeten the macchiato. 
Large Batch Variation:

Makes 60 servings

1 Cup Collagen Powder
1 Cup Coconut Milk Powder
1 Cup Coconut Sugar
2 Cups Cocoa Powder
1/4 tsp Salt 
Being a big family means that we're usually making six drinks at a time, and we've found it to be a super time-saver to mix up a large batch of dry ingredients ahead of time and store in an airtight container. The above portions make 60 servings (10 batches of macchiatos for six people). 😉😋

When we're ready to make a batch of drinks we combine:

1/2 cup of dry macchiato mixture
2 cups of coffee (or 2 bags of dandelion root tea steeped for 15 min)
2 cups of almond milk - unsweetened with vanilla
2 Tablespoons of caramel syrup.

To finish we just follow the above directions.
Let us know if you decide to try making these or let us know what your favorite warm beverage is in the comments down below! 
Note: We've linked to all the ingredients that we like to use, but we're not affiliated with any of these brands. We just wanted to share our favorite suppliers since using different brands can sometimes affect the taste. 😊


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