For The Beauty Of The Earth // Watercolor Hymn

"For the beauty of the earth,
For the glory of the skies,
For the love which from our birth
Over and around us lies;
Lord of all, to Thee we raise
This our hymn of grateful praise."

- Folliott S. Pierpoint, For the Beauty of the Earth
Years ago, my mother taught my siblings and me this lovely hymn for Thanksgiving. It has always remained dear to me since then, and was the perfect hymn to add to our 
"For the beauty of the earth,
For the glory of the skies"
The lines above reminded me of the glorious sight of geese flying south for winter.
From that imagery I planned the entire illustration.

One serene goose is in the foreground on the right and . . .

. . . a little further back, a graceful deer has waded into the water. While higher in the distance, a little cottage is surrounded by forest-lined mountains. It was such a joy painting with the rich, vibrant hues of autumn for this piece! 
Once I finished painting, I digitally layered the lyrics and music of the hymn into the center of the illustrated "frame" giving this piece it's unique beauty and charm.

You can find this hymn illustration available as an art print in our Etsy Shop HERE.
 Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving hymn?



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