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What's In My Sketchbook ~ The Castle on The Cliffs

I've been wanting to dabble with mixed media for a while, so this week I decided to take the plunge with this dreamy castle. 

I laid down watercolors first, added details with colored pencils, and outlined everything in ink.

I love the way watercolor skies look; I can never get that same effect with colored pencils. I painted everything else as well, but only the sky is untainted with the lowly pencil. :)

I used the pencils in two ways.  On the castle I mostly just used them for shading to add nuance.  But I went crazy with the pencils on the cliffs.  The pencils lent a more realistic grainy, "rock-like" look to the cliffs.

The ink outline created strong defining lines which (I think) perfectly convey the strength of this castle and the harshness of the rocky cliff.

I'm so happy with the final result.  It was exciting to see the picture develop and to see how each of these three mediums brought their own unique strength to the final product.

~ Bridget


  1. I really enjoy your explanation of the progress of your pictures...


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