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Handmade Christmas Tags

Christmas is only seven days away . . . it's time to wrap it up!

And unless you enjoy confusion and chaos, labeling those wrapped presents is a very good idea. I know, because we have a relative that actually does not label gifts. It makes for some interesting moments! (We've all learned to have a sense of humor about it, so no hurt feelings, just a few good laughs once we get home.)

This year I decided to make my own and thought I'd share pictures here on the blog. 

Supplies I used:
White Card Stock (to cut out the tag shape)
Hole Punch, Scissors & Glue
Acrylic Paint (for borders)
Scrapbooking Paper (trees, stockings, mitts, gingerbread men, & some trim)
Sequins, Ribbon and Yarn (for trim)

Do you make your own tags?
Are you done shopping? I have one gift left to buy.
Share a link in the comments if you have a picture online of something you made this year for Christmas.
Hope this final week is not full of stress for you!

~ Bridget


  1. very cute tags Bridget, you look well prepared!

    1. Thank you, Mimi! We're all a little more prepared this year than last. Moving and Christmas didn't mix well. :)

  2. Your gift tags are adorable. Hope you and your family had a nice Christmas.


  3. Thank you so much. Wishing you and yours all the best in the new year.
    a.n.d. *if* you are the former Sarah G's mother-in-law please give your grandbaby a gentle hug from the Deputy's! :) And a good squeeze to Sarah. I've followed her mom for years ... just love that family!
    ~ Jodi
    (And if you're not *that* Victoria, thank you for visiting us. We look forward to getting to know you in the new year.)

  4. Yes, I am Sarah's MIL and very blessed to be so. She's a sweetheart and an incredible mommy to our precious little grandson. Sarah's family are wonderful people, and we actually met through their blog about 10 years ago. :)
    I am enjoying your blog. I get the idea that we may live only a few hours from each other. Perhaps we'll get to meet someday. Happy New Year to you and your family.



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