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Christmas Shopping

If we brave the stores at all, our black Friday shopping usually consists of hitting the sales at Jo-Ann Fabric, and that's it.  

But for those of you gearing up for a BIG day of shopping, here's a little Grace Livingston Hill to inspire you.  

Marjorie seemed to get it all done in one day; hope you are as successful!

First of all she had it in mind to get a warm lovely negligee for her mother, and comfortable pretty slippers to go with it. The doctor had given them hope that she might be able to come downstairs to dinner on Christmas Day if she was reasonably careful beforehand. She needed something to wear down. Marjorie chose a charming one of wine red wool, exquisitely finished with soft, silk facings, a rich sash girdle, and frothy lace ruffling falling deeply from the wide sleeves and surplice neck. It was such a lovely thing that she couldn't resist it.

She hurried to the toy department and reveled in the bewilderment of delights for the children there displayed. She wished she could buy them all. A doll for Bonnie of course, blocks and some wind-up toys for Sunny, and an electric train for Bud.

After that it didn't take much time to select a warm house coat of brown for her father, a nice leather coat for Ted, and a thick warm sweater for Bud with a bright Roman band of colors in the roll of the turtle collar.

She stopped on the way out of the store to get a five pound box of candy and another of salted nuts. Those would be things she couldn't well purchase at the little grocery store near Aster Street.

~ selections from Brentwood
by Grace Livingston Hill


  1. Grace Livingston Hill knew how to shop !! love her books

    1. I love it when Grace's gals hit the stores! :)


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