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Secret Message Birthday Card

This week we created a customized card to make the journey with one of our customized name banners for a young, Nancy Drew lover.

We edited an existing SLG graphic to "magnify" Happy Birthday.

Cut out a sweet little envelope from scrap booking cardstock and hot glued it into the card.  Added a tag stamped with "Top Secret" on one side and "Sophia Only" on the other.

Used font "Lucida Sans Typewriter" to type the message on parchment cardstock.  Folded the "secret" message in half, tucked it in the envelope and tied it up with ribbon.

I hope we have a happy little detective when the package arrives!


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    1. Thank you! You know what Nancy Drew fans we all are (6 yr old to 50 yr old - lol). We had a lot of fun putting it together.


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